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"Everyone deserves assistance, and everyone has the right to receive it." At Sigmund AI, we believe in democratizing mental health support, making it accessible and available to all.

01. Engaging Conversation

Powered by cutting-edge AI, Sigmund AI engages in a dialogue similar to a real therapist, understanding your concerns and offering insights.


02. Privacy

Your emotional well-being is personal. That's why all interactions with Sigmund AI are encrypted and kept confidential, providing a safe space for self-expression.


03. Emotion detection

Sigmund AI gauges your emotional state, ensuring a tailored conversation that resonates with how you feel.

Sigmund is a very practical and helpful application, it has become like a best friend to me. You discuss anything that concerns you, and it will give you solid advice. Also, Sigmund is an application which is easy to use, it generates responses within seconds, the only thing is that it always pushes you to seek professional help, but if you keep talking to it, it will give you good advice anyway.Olga
Really enjoyed it! Responds quickly, coherent text, everything is emphasized on psychological help. Cool that at the end of each response offers options for continuing the conversation.Andrew

24/7 Availability

Whether it's late at night or early in the morning, Sigmund AI is here for you. Always.


Your privacy is our top priority. All interactions with Sigmund AI are encrypted and secure. We do not share our data with third parties.

Continuous Learning

The more you interact, the better Sigmund AI understands and supports.

Sigmund AI

Home pageMissionFeaturesOur technology

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